All the exhibition proposals received for our 2021 open call, titled OPEN_OPEN_CALL, linked in perpetuity, with the permission of the artists:


As stated in our original open call, we hope the published archive of exhibition proposals will become a repository for use by artists, edcators, curators, students, and researchers…many thanks to all of the artists for their collaboration on this project!

Original open call text below:

Coco Hunday invites artists to send a PDF proposal for a Coco Hunday Solo exhibition in either Gallery 1, Gallery 2, or both spaces simultaneously.

For the exhibition PDF proposal itself, there are no requirements, we invite artists to respond in a variety of ways that fit the spirit of their work, traditional, poetic, or subversive.  All PDF proposals will be permanently archived on for public viewing–we hope the range of submissions will become a repository for use by artists, curators, students, and researchers.

The selected artist(s) will be interviewed by an active curator, theorist, or artist picked collaboratively with the exhibiting artist to be permanently published on  This interview could take the form of a video, an IM chat, a transcript, zoom dialogue, or a number of other more experimental forms.

The deadline for submissions is March 15th, 2021 (extended to April 5th, 2021).  The selected exhibition (s) will take place during August – September 2021.

Gallery images, videos, and dimensions HERE.
Submissions can be sent to

Shipping costs will be split by the gallery and artist.
Honorarium for the writer fee is covered by the gallery.
Gallery will install/deinstall works per the artist’s remote instructions.
All exhibitions are professionally documented and permanently published on
Sales commission 60% artist / 40% gallery.
Proposals from bipoc, lgbtqia+, and other historically marginalized artists are highly encouraged.  Proposals that are experimental in nature from the artist’s normal studio practice are encouraged as well.