a solo exhibition by Michael Cuadrado
opens September 4, 2021, 6-9 pm
304 w Crest Ave, Tampa, FL 33603
asks required

Coco Hunday is thrilled to present Two Slow Dancers, a solo exhibition of new works by Michael Cuadrado.  

“At large, my practice considers longing and desire in relation to queer and Latinx subjectivity. Largely influenced by Sara Ahmed’s book “Queer Phenomenology,” Frantz Fanon’s “Black Skin, White Masks,” and “Semiotics: The Basics” by Daniel Chandler, I have turned to astrology, religion, logic, science, and mysticism to help answer the question: How should we love?  If there were a manual on queer love, what would it look like?”  Michael Cuadrado, 2021

For Two Slow Dancers, the gallery collaborated with Matthew Leifheit/Matte Editions (NYC) to publish a catalog documenting the exhibition, featuring a conversation with critic and theorist William J. Simmons (released in the spring of 2022, 20 pages, 6×8″). 

Michael Cuadrado was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, raised in Florida, and currently lives in Chicago, IL. 

In conjunction with this exhibition, Coco Hunday will publish on its website the PDF proposals of over 200 open call applications received alongside Michael Cuadrado’s original application.  The original call for submissions can be found at OPEN_OPEN_CALL.

further documentation and prices upon request:

Untitled 40in x 40in Chalk pastel and inkjet prints on canvas.
left: Untitled, 23x20in, chalk pastel on linen
Untitled, 23x20in, chalk pastel on linen


Brave Enough To Look, 36x35in, chalk pastel and inkjet prints on canvas


left: The Fade Out, 18x14in, chalk pastel on drywall on mixed media collage // center: As Close As I’ll Get, 36x32in, chalk pastel on paper
Extended Reach, 40×36.5in, chalk pastel on paper

Untitled (April 1999), 24.5×22.75in, chalk pastel on canvas
Untitled, 45.25×42.25in, chalk pastel on paper
The Tip of The Nose, 52.5×42.25in, chalk pastel on canvas on chalk pastel on paper