a solo exhibition by Krystle Lemonias
opens Saturday, November 13, 2021 with an opening reception, 5-9pm, performance by the artist at 530pm

the closing reception on Saturday, Jan 15, will also feature a performance by the artist, at 630pm
304 w Crest Ave, Tampa, FL 33603


This work explores personal and political intersections of power that govern how people interact daily through an immigrant lens. 

It creates an entry point to consider the impact larger systems have on people from colonized nations. Subjects are used to examine access, privilege, misuse, and obstruction to the status quo when one wields power. 

Each piece reflects the complexity of being resilient through society’s exploitive structure then, using this understanding to get over and ahead for one’s self. 

What is the cost of resilience? 

Who really has the power? 

KL, 2021

Coco Hunday is thrilled to present BUOY, IS JUST A COMEDY AH ERRORS, a solo exhibition of new works by Krystle Lemonias.  On the occasion of the opening reception and closing reception (tentatively scheduled for January 13, 2022), the artist will perform in the exhibition space with handcrafted ceramic puppets.  In addition, Coco Hunday will e-publish an interview between the artist and Art J Fraunfelter, MA candidate, University of South Florida.  

full documentation and prices available upon request

Tiga an Anansi reason cross de fence


Gallery 1, left to right: Goblin Cowhead (floor), Pitchie Patchie (elevated), Cowboy(necklace), and Big Belly Woman (far right)


Gallery 2, top to bottom: Police, Jack in the Green, Horsehead



Krystle Lemonias is recognized for her influences from the intersecting concepts of class, commodification, gender, economic inequity, citizenship, and labor rights. She believes immigrant Black communities contribute richly to the United States’ cultural diversity and the workforce despite the barriers faced. Her works explore primarily women’s domestic labor contributions that play an integral role in the function of our society and contemplate the domestic socialization passed on through generations to do these jobs. 

She uses found materials, patios, printmaking methods, and iconography to stitch together these themes with personal narratives. Her works have been exhibited at Blum and Poe in the Show Me the Signs campaign for #sayhername and Make America What America Must Become at the Contemporary Art Center in New Orleans. She has also shown at the New York Academy of Art in the AXA Art Prize Exhibition in 2020, and at the International Print Center of New York in the New Prints: Umbra in 2019. 

Lemonias was born in Jamaica, in 1989, and became of age in New Jersey. She acquired a BFA in printmaking from New Jersey City University in 2018. She is currently a Master’s in Fine Arts candidate at the University of South Florida.