at Atlanta Contemporary
August 24 – December 22, 2019

Bahareh Khooshooee
Ben Fain
Benjamin Zellmer Bellas
Christopher Meerdo
Gina Osterloh
Jake Troyli
Lady Kitt 
Libbi Ponce
Pat Blocher 
Sanaz Sohrabi
Sue Havens
Thad Kellstadt
Thomas Kong/Dan Miller
Walter Matthews

I AM VERY BUSY indeed–artists don’t always have the time to exhaustingly point out, belabor, and advocate against all the structural problems and practices of large cultural institutions.  They are looking for care, partnership, and support.

Artist-run spaces, whether home, storefront, or online, are more critical now than ever for developing–without major market pressure and institutional politics–emergent poetics with their own critical economies.  

Rather than responding to a theme, each of the participating artists in Coco Hunday Presents at Atlanta Contemporary are responding with a recent works that represent their studio practices.

Artists and audiences are looking for meaning now when ‘the future,’ as Bifo Berardi proposes ‘is over…its last vestiges were squandered in the schemes of a heavily futurized financial capitalism.’  Perhaps these spaces, not necessarily able to expand, or even last (and why should they?–they are often built on temporary surplus) are where real and meaningful economies can proliferate.  –jl